And so it begins….Almost!

If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.

Having recently gotten married, we are now frantically selling our possessions and getting prepared for a travelling adventure…..Our travelling adventure.
Having reached our thirties before finding each other, we are lucky to be in a position where we know who we are……Sort ofWe have shared passions for adventure, travel and martial arts; so four years and one wedding later-and we’re ready to realise our dreams!

Our plan is simple, on October 20th 2014 we’re flying to Bangkok, from there we’re planning on exploring South East Asia for the next 6 months or so, before making our way to South America and continuing the adventure. 
We hope to find the wonder that is sustainable travel, and so we’re flexible about whether we work, rest or play in each destination.
As I already mentioned, martial arts is a big part of our lives; with boxing, Thai boxing, Arnis stick fighting and BJJ being our staple interests here in the UK….We’d both go crazy were we not able to train, so we’re hoping to experience different martial arts training in each country that we visit.

So this blog is going to be something of a jack of all trades…We’re going to share our experiences of different cultures, food, martial arts and adventure-and hope that anyone who reads will be able to take something useful from our travels!

If you have any questions or suggestions, drop us a line. 
If you’re a keyboard warrior, jog on.


Christian & Jo





7 thoughts on “And so it begins….Almost!

    • Cheers mate! To think that it was all those moons ago when we were trekking in the Himalyas and I was worrying about Jo’s Thai boxing fight back here in the UK….And now we’re married!
      Hope everything is good with you, anymore trips planned?


      • What an amazing time it was! I’m off to Italy for a week – and am walking up Snowdon in October but am so unfit now it may be a struggle, how embarrassing. Your trip sounds amazing. Your wedding looked great and I love Jo’s wedding dress, very stylish! xx

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  1. Thanks ffor youг mɑrvelpous pߋsting! I actually enjоyed rеading it, үou will be
    a great author.I will be suгe to bookmark your bkog and wilol often come back sometime soon. I want to encourage contginue youг great job, have a nice afternoon!


  2. Wow O Wow this sounds Fan-bloody-tastic! I will defiantly be following your travels. A fab hotel in Bangkok which I stayed at is the Dream Hotel, check it out. Oh and go see the long neck tribe…ok peace out and enjoy xxx


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