Are Crypto Currencies the way forward?

We have a couple of friends that are very clued up on BitCoin… In fact, last week they had their first BitCoin Bizarre here in Leicester. Purpose of the day was to educate people about the benefits of getting involved in alternative, peer to peer currencies.
They have a Facebook page if you’re interested BitBizarre Leicester.

While it does confuse me a little, I am certainly intrigued as to whether these alternative currencies will be the next stage in the evolution of global trade, and taking some of the power away from the worlds bankers certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing!

This morning, while searching through BitCoin related sites and info boards, Jo found a website called QoinPro, a community that is free to join, and they issue nominal amounts of digital currencies to their members, for free, every day.
It seems that their remit is to build a community of people who are interested in crypto currencies, and see this initial referral based distribution of currency as a way to kick start their membership.
You can’t withdraw your currencies until you reach a certain threshold, so obviously encouraging people to refer for increased daily rewards.
I think it’s worth a go, if you’re interested then sign up for free with my referral link


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