See you later Leicester, it’s been emotional!!

Final sunset

It seemed fitting that as I left my old flat for the last time, I looked up to see this fabulous sunset. Almost like Leicester was reminding me that there is always beauty in your surroundings, you just need to open your eyes to see it!

It feels really strange today having no home, no job, and quite bizarrely, no keys. The ritual of checking wallet, phone, keys is now incomplete, but already I have passport panic alarmingly frequently!

Tomorrow I say goodbye to Leicester, and boy what memories do we share. I have met many of the most brilliant people on this planet during my time here, and some of the most useless too! Every single one of these people comes with me, good and bad I have learned from every one of you, and you have shaped my personality. So truly I owe you all for everything that I have, and all that I look forward to experiencing.

There are just so many stories from so many places: Leicester University; Junction 21; Bubblelove; Flaming Colossus; Nomad; IKON; Tudor Rose; British Gas; Westleigh Avenue; Western Boulevard; Urban Martial Arts; The Muscle Machine; Assassins; Nine Bar; Matishe; The Clock Tower; Goodbye Cruel World; Wistow Maize Maze; College Avenue; Club 147; The Exchange; Hazel Street… I could go on, and on, and on….

A week from now I’ll be on the plane to Thailand, and soon I shall be looking upon the sunset in Angkor Wat, and after that who knows what sunsets lie in store-but for sure with every new sunset I see, I’ll smile to myself and think of my last sunset in the Shire….thank you Leicester, it’s been an absolute blast!!